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This first post begins our sharing of developing a team and approach to strengthen global intergenerational collaboration and solidarity. We came together in March 2021 to reimagine how we might support societies to prepare for an ageing demographic through an intergenerational approach. We developed the following design challenge to guide our efforts: How might we bridge generations and support people of all ages to work together to improve their social and economic life.

We know this design challenge is important because people of all ages are facing challenges of poverty, health challenges, and loneliness. People of many generations are…

VVRRR — Manolo April, 2018

At times, I find myself pushing up against an edge in collaborative work. These are times that I discover opportunities for growth and learning. When I slow down to pause and reflect, I am more able to make visible what I value and articulate what I find useful in supporting a more generative collaborative space.

In this article, I am hoping to play with some ingredients that for me create a more fertile environment and nourish spaces and opportunities for collaboration that generate new possibilities. …

What is the opportunity we are trying to solve for?

When we listen deeply to patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders, we are better able to understand their experiences in the journey of care and co-design innovative solutions that improve the healthcare ecosystem. Integrating patient journey insights creates value in the healthcare ecosystem.

The following three key drivers provide a compelling case for better understanding the patient journey and engaging patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders in designing innovative solutions in order to continue to transform the healthcare ecosystem.

Key Drivers to Transform the Healthcare Ecosystem

Empowerment: Engaging patient voice helps shift the health care ecosystem to be more…

A model for social impact investing from Team Together.

In the for-profit world, we expect some sort of financial return for our investments. In the non-profit world, we make donations expecting the contribution will help advance the mission. Impact investing offers the ability to invest capital with a rate of return generally measured in terms of social and environmental impact along with profits. (1)

We are proposing instead of financial profits, a “heart rate of return” that demonstrates the value of the investment in terms of lives impacted (social impact) and values the strengthening of community collective capacity and global…

Why Stories?

Trauma can interrupt our connection with others and our sense of control.

“Trauma is when experiences overwhelm our ordinary responses that give us a sense of control, connection, and meaning.” Judith Herman

Working with stories is a powerful tool focusing on strengths that helps develop connection, support healing and resilience, and provide hope.

Bodiford and Burroughs, 2020
  • Stories help modulate our nervous systems and our outlook, making it possible for us to engage in the work of supporting healing and creating more trauma-informed systems with compassion and resilience.
  • Being listened to and hearing back our stories makes us more visible, we feel seen…

Collaborating for Health: Co-designing solutions to improve the health of older people, their families, and their communities.

By Kristin Bodiford, Namara Arthur Araali, Jerome San-De Mwaya, and Prakash Tyagi

This is a story of collective creativity — engaging a relational and collaborative approach to improve the health of older people, their families, and their communities. The project was led by HelpAge, an organization that supports a global movement to create a world in which all older people can lead dignified, healthy, and secure lives. In 2014, HelpAge developed a tool called the Health Outcomes Tool to address a serious lack…

Possibilities for Grace and Love

Get him out of here, my Dad yelled. I don’t like him!

My body reacted instinctively, Fine, I thought, I will just scoop him up and be on our way. I was prepared to run. So much for spending time together. My heart was beating rapidly, shallow breathing, my mind racing.

Yet something was telling me to slow down. To take a breath. Give it a moment.

I put my dog, Buddy, in the other room with my father’s caregiver and calmly sat down to watch a movie with my father. …

Embracing Birth and Death

Last year, I witnessed my grandson being born into this world. I also supported my father to transition from this world.

Both have been some of the more powerful moments of my life. My brother and I held my father’s hands as his breathing slowed and his heart worked harder to keep his body alive. Through our tears, we told him how much he was loved, that we would walk alongside him, and that he was not alone. We urged him to go in peace and not be afraid.

At the last moment of his life…

Photo courtesy of Findhorn Foundation

Shikamoo. I am leading a training in Kibaha, Tanzania and the younger people are saying to me “Shikamoo Professor Kristin”, which is a greeting for elders to show respect. The appropriate response from me is “Marhaba” which means ‘blessings onto you’. Each time I hear this greeting, I am a little surprised. In my home in the United States, there is no common term of respect for elders. In fact, with increasing ageism, a greeting like this may not be received with blessings in return for the giver. To be seen as older is not always as valued as it…

Kristin Bodiford

Researcher. Community Builder. Mom. Passionate about strengthening relational resources to propel social innovation & create positive change.

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