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  • Meg Batterson

    Meg Batterson

    NYC psychotherapist (therapy as cultural intervention) relationships/indiv & consultant/aftercare talk tv, (http://www.therelationalmovement.org)

  • Aaron Johannes

    Aaron Johannes

    soc change wi really great shoes. gay.parent.art.leadership&disability graphic facilitatation MA-IS. Spectrum, Director, Research Training& Development

  • Syed Mahmood KAZMI

    Syed Mahmood KAZMI

    Global Education, Youth, Human Rights & Peace Activist | Ambassador at @AWorldAtSchool, @YouthAssembly & @HeForShe More www.SyedMahmoodKazmi.com

  • James O'Dea

    James O'Dea

    Author of The Conscious Activist, Cultivating Peace and other works. Former President of IONS, DC Office Director Amnesty International, CEO Seva Foundation.

  • Sallie Lee

    Sallie Lee

    Organizational design practitioner; inquiry into habits and habitats of cooperation and collaboration, collective intelligence, resilience, key literacies.

  • Jack Orr

    Jack Orr

    Professor Emeritus, West Chester University of Pennsylvania; PhD. Communication Studies, Temple University; M.A. Philosophy, Northwestern University

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